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Career in Pharmacy in India

Pharmaceuticals are important in all aspects of health care and have proven itself to be the most cost-effective means of treating some diseases. Pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest and fast growing industries in India with a compound annual growth rate of over 13% in the last five years and expected to be worth 1,00,000 cr. by 2015. Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, estimates the rapid growth of Indian pharmaceutical industry and is predicted to offer a $2.5 billion opportunity to companies in 2012. Increasing number of hospitals, nursing homes and pharmaceuticals companies all over the country is a clear indication of the growing scope in this area

Scope in Pharmacy
1) Industry

A pharmacy professional can work as a production person as chemist, officer, executive, manager, vice-president in the production of bulk drug & intermediates or formulation and dosage forms. Industries in the cosmetics, soaps, toiletries segment also hire pharmacy professionals. Other segments where opportunities exist are the field of dental products like toothpaste, mouthwashes, dental cavity fillers, etc. Other production areas where pharmacy professionals are required are veterinary medicine, perfumery, fragrances, and nutraceuticals.


Pharmacy R&D is the key to growth and sustenance. Other areas where professionals are required are

(i) New Drug Discovery Research (NDDR);

(ii) Process Development (P&D);

(iii) Formulation & Development (F&D); and

(iv) Clinical Trials, Bioequivalence studies, Toxicological Studies. Mainly M.Pharms & Ph.Ds are in great demand in the various areas of Pharmaceutical R&D.

C) Analysis & Testing

Any drug or dosage form for human use has to be of excellent quality and purity, free from any impurities. Therefore, Quality control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) are the most integral areas of the drug & pharmaceutical industry. Highly specialized and trained staff is required to handle sensitive analytical procedures & sophisticated equipment. M.Pharms & Ph.Ds in Pharm Analysis /QA are highly preferred for this job.

D) Marketing

Any business is incomplete without marketing and sales. Pharmaceutical sales & marketing is a highly technical field and offers excellent opportunities for the pharmacy graduates. Additional qualification like M.B.A. adds to their arsenal. An aspirant of a highly bright future can enter through various openings like starting his own retail or wholesale drug store or becoming a professional sales representative in top class pharmaceutical companies like Ranbaxy, Eli Lilly etc. The monetary rewards and perks in this field are the best.

E) Documentation, Library Information Services & Pharm. Journalism Most of the major Indian pharmaceutical companies have established separate Documentation departments with a highly technical & skilled staff for this purpose. Similarly, the R&D and QC departments of the companies need a wealth of technical information, in order to match the pace of global competition. Therefore, a Library Information service is another field in much demand and offers various job opportunities for M.Pharms and Ph.Ds.

2) Academics, Excellent

Opportunities for the professionals are available in teaching profession. As per the AICTE norms for B. Pharm. the minimum entry-level qualification for Asst. Professor is post graduate in pharmacy (M. Pharm.) and higher posts are Associate Professor, Professor, Dean, Principal etc. Academic related opportunities also involve positions on research posts and training programs as Research Associate, Research Coordinator etc. and emoluments are good enough with implementation of 6 pay scale.

3) Regulatory Affairs

The Foods & Drugs Control Administration (FDA) is the main regulatory body governing and implementing the rules and regulations for the Drug and Pharmaceutical substances world wide. The FDA has state branches and sub-branches all over the country. Medicines in India are regulated by Cent ral Drugs Standard Cont rol Organization and the pharmaceutical products through Drugs Controller General of India. The job opportunities for Pharmacy graduates (B. Pharm.) are excellent and range from the levels of a Drug Inspector (DI), Sr. DI, Deputy Drug Controller, Asst. Drug Controller, Drug Controller and finally Drug Controller of India.

4) Health Care Services

a) Hospital Pharmacy, A Registered Pharmacist can work in hospitals or drug stores. This facility is set in many hospitals in the country. This is a key position and the pharmacist plays an important role in dispensing/ compounding the prescription, maintaining patient's medical history and all patient profile.

b) Community Pharmacy

(Chemist shop), A Pharmacist becomes a vital link between the patients and the products i.e.,drugs. The main responsibilities of a community pharmacy include appropriate procurement, storage, dispensing, and documentation of medicines. Therefore the community pharmacists should have the required education, skills, and competence to deliver these professional services.

5) Consultancy

A consultancy is a professional service that provides professional or expert advice. Consultancy services in Pharmacy are offered in various fields i.e. regulatory affairs, manufacturing, analytical services, documentation, approvals, research, marketing policies, data management, market surveys etc. This is an ideal opportunity for highly technical and experienced pharmacy professionals to earn handsomely as self-employed entrepreneurs, even after the age of retirement.

6) Scope Abroad

Golden opportunities galore for qualified Pharmacy professionals in various countries including the USA, Canada, UK, France and Gulf Countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc. The pharmaceutical career is one of the highest rewarding careers in these countries and the monetary job benefits abroad are highly exciting around Rs. 32.48 lac's per annum. Medicinal therapy is the most frequently used form of treatment intervention in any health practice setting. Its use has grown dramatically as the population has aged, the prevalence of chronic disease has increased, new infectious diseases have emerged and the range of effective medications has broadened. In addition, more and more so-called “life-style medicines” treatments for ailments like baldness, dry skin, wrinkles or erectile dysfunction are being marketed. Therefore, unmet public medical need in terms of new and effective medicines will ever remain the same and may lead to ever growing demand of Pharmacy professional’s world wide.


In India, starting salary package for a Research Scientist is Rs. 6-7 lac's, Medical Representative Rs. 2-3 lac's plus incentives and Manufacturing Pharmacists between Rs. 1.5-2 lac's. Government Jobs for hospital pharmacist starts with Rs. 25,000 per month (basic) with Contributory Provident Fund, DA, Insurance, Medical reimbursement, and other allowances and benefits as per government rules. Employment opportunities are expected to grow faster in areas other than hospitals, which continue to look for ways to reduce costs through shorter patient stays and downsizing departments.


1) Pharmacists are hired within the central and state government departments- the Health Protection Branch of the Department of Health and Welfare, the Pest Control Division of Agriculture, the Department of National Defense, Provincial Research Councils, and the Provincial Departments of Agriculture or the Environment.

2) Depending on the extent of study and the area you specialization in (pharmacology, pharmaceutics, hospital pharmacy or quality assurance) study, you can opt for research.

3) A diploma-holder is qualified to obtain a licence for manufacturing cosmetics and for repackaging of drugs (other than those specified in schedules C & C1).